Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Why Do You Need a Compressor?

You must ask this question when you want to buy a compressor. Here, you should read this explanation the get more to know about it and its usage.

A compressor is a versatile tool that can perform a variety of tasks when attached to some tools, also known as pneumatic tools. You can use it for maintenance and craft projects around the house, repair jobs in the garage, construction projects on the job site, or industrial projects in the shop. Using pneumatic nail guns, hammers, spray guns, wrenches, drills, sprayers, sanders, saws, tire inflators, and many other air tools, you can pump up tires, paint a fence, build a deck, repair your truck or car, roof your home, or remodel your house.

Compressors are available in a wide array of sizes and styles. Choosing the one that’s right for you is really a matter of how it will be used and personal preference. Ask yourself before going any further. The type of them that you need will depend on some factors, especially which tools your will want your compressor to operate. 

  • A twin-stack style provides maximum portability and is ideal for roofing, remodeling, car maintenance, and clean-up, with a low-profile for added stability on uneven surfaces. Most of these are electric powered, so you can operate them indoors or out.
  • A pancake style is lightweight and portable and great for locations where you might be concerned about your space limitations. It is ideal for building, inflation, crafts, and outdoor clean-up. Most of these are electric powered, so you can operate them indoors or out.
  • A wheelbarrow style provides easy maneuvering and mobility for building and maintenance jobsites with wheels. Most of these are gasoline powered, so you will only want to operate them in well-ventilated areas and where noise is not a problem.
In general, casual or moderate-level work such as tire inflation, nailing, and stapling projects, or craft projects such as upholstery or air brushing are the type of tasks that require a highly-portable one, such as some products of Atlas Copco Compressor, which is easy to carry around the house or the garage. These types of residential projects generally only require machine with tanks that are less than 5 gallons.

For more heavy-duty projects like auto repair, removing lug nuts, or remodeling projects that involve sanding, drilling, or using spray guns, look for a compressor with a tank over 5 gallons.
Your need of compressor also can be based to four rates as mentioned below:
PSI – Pounds per Square Inch: This is the measure of air pressure delivered by your machine. The higher the PSI, the further the air can be compressed - meaning a larger volume of compressed air can be stored in the tank.

CFM – Cubic Feet per Minute: This is the volume of air that your machine can pump in one minute a specific working pressure. High CRM ratings mean it can provide more air – making higher CFM units more practical for larger applications.

HP – Horsepower: This is the unit of measurement for the power your compressor’s motor produces. Higher horsepower engines produce greater PSI and are capable of carrying a heavier workload.
Tank Size: Units with more powerful motors and larger tanks (measured in gallons) can generate higher levels of PSI for longer amounts of time, providing greater power to your air tools.
Back to the above question, why do you need one? Do you need best product, like Atlas Copco Compressor, or do you need an average one? It is all back to you. Ensure that your research is solid and not lacking in any aspect.

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