Sunday, 8 December 2013

Everything You Must Know About Woodworking Tools In India

When it comes to woodworking, the role of various equipment becomes inevitable. There are several tools and equipment that can help you simplify the woodwork. 

Woodworking tools are a great help as they provide you with various applications. Woodworking tools in India come in a wide variety of sizes as well as applications which can help one complete the woodwork on time with efficiency and accuracy. Let us take a look at some of these tools.

The first that comes into this category are the carpentry tools which are extensively used by the carpenters. The carpentry tools include not only tools for cutting, but also for shaping wooden surfaces, drilling holes and removing the upper layers from the raw wood material. Thus carpentry tools provide you with a more varied application to work on wooden surfaces. They are helpful especially when it comes to making furniture such as sofa and cabinets.

The next to the category are saws. Saws have been the most popular in the world for the last couple of centuries. Even today, saws are used in sawmills in woodwork factories to cut pieces of wood or even the recently cut tree logs. Saws are available in various types. The handheld saw is the most commonly used saw one can find. A handheld saw can be can either for a single person to handle on one side or for two persons with dual handles.

On the other hand, saws are also available in computerized and automatic models. These saws are have been increasingly used for the last couple of decades for cutting larger pieces of wood, including raw timber logs freshly cut from the forests. Mechanical saws are very commonly used in the Western countries, but are yet to gain ground in India.
A reciprocating saw is an innovative type of saw machine whereby one can control the cutting action by pushing and pulling the saw from the wood surface.

Hole making tools are also one of the most commonly used tools in woodworking. As the name suggests, their application is mostly concerned with drilling holes in wooden surfaces. Though they are used by carpenters, they are also used by large scale woodworking factories for making even bigger wooden drills.

Routers are a popular woodworking tool used widely throughout the world. Routers are used mainly for working on larger parts of wood such as big wooden sheets, plywood and logs. Though routers have been used extensively in the West for a couple of decades, it is only that they have an extensive use in India.

The list would go incomplete without mentioning hand held power tools used for woodworking. Though some of these tools overlap with the carpenter’s tools, this category is quite vast.

The nail gun is one such tool which has simplified woodworking. The nail simply pushes the nail through the wooden surface, saving you the time and effort to hit the nail on the head till it gets fixed inside. 

The laminate trimmer is a great innovation as it helps you to trim the laminate coverings without using any big woodworking device. This handheld device can be effectively used to trim laminates as per your choice and measurement and cover the wooden surfaces.

The list is incomplete without measurement instruments which are used to make accurate calculations of length, breadth and height in woodwork. They include laser line level, bull’s eye level, sliding T level, moisture meter, marking knife and many others.

These were some of woodworking tools India which are used widely with some of them recently introduced.

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