Tuesday, 1 December 2015

The historic and ancient usage of woodworking

Woodwork is probably the oldest known hardware expertise known to man. Nowadays we have iron, steel, alloys, plastic, fiber, synthetic material and many more substances that are used to make various kinds of things. But, back in the day when our ancestors were still hunting for food and agriculture wasn’t even considered, there were hardly any materials used for doing things. Tools in that age were two bare hands and sharp stones. What a person could possibly do at that time was hunt and eat. But, man evolved as the laws of nature permitted him to, growth gave him brains and brains developed tools.

It is a very important thing to understand that the greatest two inventions of the human kind are fire & the wheel. Had there been no fire, no person would have survived till this present day. Heat was necessary, for food and for warmth. The horrendous cold winds coming in contact with naked bodies meant that no person could have survived. But, they did exist and that’s courtesy of fire that gave them the requisite warmth when clothes weren’t even an option. The most crucial thing here is that fire was lit but, it was wood that made its heat sustain for a longer period of time.

Human kind wouldn’t have survived even without food. Yes, animal meat was consumed after hunting but the colder areas hardly had any animals. And meat that was raw would rot easily. Moreover, raw meat of any animal wouldn’t suit the human digestive systems. That’s when fire came into play. Striking stones and using fire to ignite and sustain the heat indirectly invented the cooking stove. This made a man eat any kind of meat. Cooking solved his problems and the main factor here was wood. Once tools were invented, it was wood that was used to hunt down wild animals.

Not only that; when irrigation and cultivation became a part of human living, it was wood that made it possible. Crops were sowed using wooden ploughs, axes made of wood and stone were used for separations and irrigation. Agriculture is arguably the most important activity of human life and existence. And that was only possible with wood. If wood wasn’t utilized as a machine or tool, irrigation and agriculture would have been impossible to formulate and implement. Wood has been the most decisive material in human evolution so it can be said that woodworking is the most valued skill known on the face of the earth.

That is again evident in one of the greatest inventions ever by man- the wheel. A wheel is the foundation on which the modern day civilization is based on. Can we live without a wheel in present times? Certainly not! All our vehicles run of wheels. All our machines are based on it and had it not been invented, we’d still have been riding on horses and moles. That’s how important a wheel is to human living and the undisputed fact is that a wheel was carved out of wood and for ages, a wheel was used as the transportation vehicle tool.

So, in a bigger but clear perspective, it is obvious that wood is very essential to the very growth and evolution of man. It is also the basis on which modern civilization has been formed. Woodworking has been the tool and technique of all the growth that a man has achieved in the due period of growth and civilization. Woodworkingmachinery India has been the most important aspect of human being’s greatest ever achievements.

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