Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The modern technology of the pumps

Having the house is everyone’s dream in today’s world. People make every possible thing to make their house comfortable for their family members. Starting from the kitchen to the bathroom, and they install all the latest technology equipments. Water is one of the important parts needed by people not only for drinking, but also for the cooking food to taking bath or using it is the bathroom for any other purpose. While building the house, people also make sure they make the basement where they can store the good and daily use items or the old things. Nowadays having the basement is become very important for every house. It can be used be used to store the various products, as well as it also provides free space where people can complete their hobbies like making small gym or any other hobbies.

When people make the basement in their house, they should also be also prepared for any emergencies like flooding in the basement. The basement can get flooded on various occasions, and people should have the necessary machineries to remove all the water out from there. No matter how well-built the house is, some or the other time it will have the water flooding in the basement. For this reason, it is necessary to have the correct pumps in the house to take all water out from the basement as soon as possible. In the earlier times, when people used to have the problem of water flooding in the basement they used to struggle very much as they have to remove water manually. Over the time with the improving technology, manufacturers developed new types of pumps that can be used for different usage that also contains removing flooded water from the basement.

With the help of pumps like Crompton Greaves pumps, people can now remove water from the basement every easily in the least time possible. Some of the pumps are located on the dry ground to remove water, and some of the pumps are inside it. These types of water pumps are known as submersible pumps. These pumps can be placed inside the tank, well, container and other sources of water where it need to pimp out. These types of pumps are specially designed to be underwater for the long time without even allowing the water to enter into the electrical parts. The unit of submersible pump contains a motor as well as pump that are fitted together with one unit. Even though it is placed inside the water, it does the work as regular pumps that are placed on dry land to remove the water. The power supplied to these pumps also used the waterproof cables. The power cable enters the pump unit through the sealed unit of pump to prevent any leakage.

Application of submersible pumps

These types of pumps are used in the various applications as followed.
Irrigation area to supply water, as well as dewatering from the fields
Navy use these types of pumps to remove water from the ship when it is flooded
Oiling industry uses these kinds of pumps to remove oil from the inside the ground
Industrial unit use these pumps to pump out the accumulated water from the basement or work sites
These pumps can also used in the removing the sewage water or the fluids from septic tanks

Advantages of the submersible pumps

The most beneficial thing about these pumps is the unique design. As it is waterproof, people can use it almost anywhere underwater.

The way working of these pumps is also one big benefit of this pump. It pumps the water directly through the pipe applying the pressure on the water.

Another good thing about these pumps is, it can be used for almost any fluid.

Almost all the leading manufacturers make these kinds of pumps such as Crompton Greaves pumps.

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