Friday, 11 July 2014

Know The Situations In Which You Can Use The Right Kind Of Saw

When it comes to woodwork, the most common item that we use is a Saw. However,  more often than not, the end result is not pretty.  We end up struggling with the saw  and sometimes end up with minor bruises and in  a worst case scenario, end up damaging the wood irrevocably. More often than not , people ask the question – There is only one type of saw right? Well  the answer is an emphatic No.  You see this type of product falls under two categories – The first one is the table based product and the second one is the panel based product.

Let us start by understanding the differences. To start with the table based product is smaller when compared to the panel based product.  The table saw is much easier to move around and requires a frame with four legs for its portability. In contrast the panel based saw is much larger and bulkier.  The table saw can be used for fast cutting and crafting small items.  Since the saw in placed in the middle, it makes it easier to handle.

However, this does not mean that the panel saw is inferior. As stated, it depends on the situation. The panel saw requires to be placed in a framework that is stationary and hence is not mobile. However, what it lacks in this aspect, it makes up in power.  This type of saw is the most powerful one that can be used  by you. It can move in both the horizontal and vertical manner as well as cut sheets as large as 5*8 feet. However, you need to understand that it takes a lot more elbow grease in comparison to  the smaller table saw to operate.

So the next question  is which is a better option for cabinets and work to be done at home? Well again, it depends on the type of work required.  If you need a saw to measure and cut out pieces that measure around two to three feet, then you need to use the table saw. However, if you are building furniture for your man-cave and  are looking to make pieces that need large cuts in pre-decided shapes, then the panel saw should be preferred.

Each of these products has their pros and cons. Let's begin with the table saw. To start with, this  is the cheaper of the two.  The reason is because this product has  a limited use.  It comes with a  blade that is only covered partly.  This causes a slight problem as the wood has to be pushed by hand , which may lead to cuts and injured fingers.  As stated, you need to use this sparingly as big projects cannot be executed with the same.

 If we take a look at the panel saw the first thing that comes to mind is the safety aspect. Unlike the previous product, the blade here is fully covered. These products are known for their safety as you will find brands like the Altendorf Panel Saw being used  a lot in industrial functions. This is the reason that they range in the upper end when it comes to cost. However, you can only move in straight lines with this product. This means that if you need to create decorative pieces, then this is not the product for you.  You can churn out a large number of square and rectangular shaped pieces with ease.The biggest benefit for any person using the panel saw is that the speed of work is consistent irrespective of the size of the piece.

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