Saturday, 12 April 2014

A detailed description about the Robland Panel Saw

Panel saws have been one of the most important inventions in the wood work industry. Robland and Altendorf are two of the major panel saw manufacturing brands in the sawing machines. Panel saws are famous because it gives more accuracy, better results and much higher amount of production rate and yield. This is what makes the panel saw so versatile and essential for all the major wood work industries in the world. Panel saws made from Robland have also gained a good amount of popularity and prominence because of its design and features which is largely based on its efficiency and ability to deliver high results on a regular basis.

When you are in the market looking for sawing machinery then Altendorf and Robland are two names that you will come across. Robland saws are quite popular because they are easy to install, maintain and does not need a high level of expertise for the operation. Since the company being founded in Belgium in the year 1972, Robland has delivered and manufactured a large number of machineries that have made the wood work industry to flourish. They are famous for the innovation and constantly evolving need for developing new products. 

The primary features of a Robland Panel Saw are that it is easy to use and operate and does not need a lot of human effort. The powerful motor is mounted on the machine. Initially the wooden log had to be fed into the saw but here with the help of a sliding table, the wooden log is able to take the load such that the log is gradually fed into the machine. It has a precise external scorer and a high precision slider. The equipment also comes with a digital display that gives all the details regarding the design that has to be done and the size based on which the wood has to be cut down. The cross cut table support along with plate steel frame and heavy clamp makes it a sure choice for all the wood work industries where cutting is a primary operation.

The panel saw comes with a sliding table that has as many as 8 hardened rods inserted to aluminum extrusions. There are roller bearings and ball bearings that keep the system free from any kind of friction, wear and tear.  The saw unit is adjustable such that the angles can be adjusted to either 45 or 90 degrees based on the usage and the load. The rise and fall of the saw is usually carried out with the help of a hand wheel so that the controls can be done efficiently. There are also mitre fence, cross cut fence and parallel fences. 

It is extremely easy to implement and use the panel saw and install it anywhere. It hardly takes up any space given the fact that huge wooden logs will be loaded into it. A computer can also be connected to the controls that will help in getting the perfect dimensions that is needed to do the work perfectly. There is no noise or vibrations during the operations and it is also able to take a good amount of load without causing any break away issues. You may need a skilled person to handle the controls and apart from that there is no need for people to load or unload the wood and other materials that may be loaded into it. The Robland saw is one of the finest machinery that enables you to get the right amount of precise dimensions without any issues with the size.

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